About Us & Contact Information

Contact Dr. Gary Huddleston, personally, to discuss Passion Celluloss at:
573.745.1086 or by email at drg4000@att.net.

Passion Celluloss is a fantastic treatment system designed by Dr. Gary Huddleston, owner of Accuflex Tables (www.accuflextables.com ) and the Medray family of therapeutic lasers. ( www.medraylaser.com).

Dr. Huddleston has not only been a practicing chiropractor for 40 years, but also an equipment designer and manufacturer for nearly the same amount of time. Over the years, he has sold equipment into every state, a dozen foreign countries, and many Major League Baseball and National Football League teams.

With a dedication to quality equipment at affordable prices, this has been the promise Dr. Huddleston has made to every doctor and therapist for decades, and that promise continue forward with the Passion Celluloss treatment system.

Passion Celluloss came about as a result of Dr. Huddleston’s direct involvement and treating in the entertainment and music industry. He listened as many performers mentioned issues that they had concerns with that were the exact problems everyone else had. After great investigation, Passion Celluloss was born.

You can rest assured, that if you purchase the complete Passion Celluloss system, or go to a Passion Celluloss doctor or therapist, that you will be receiving the absolute best treatment for cellulite and body shaping on the market today.