Passion Body Shaping: FAQs

Q: Does the Passion Body Shaping technology work?

A: Simple answer is – yes.  Fat cells respond to the specific power and wavelengths from the Passion Body Shaping Lipo Laser.  These disrupted fat cells then discharge their contents of glycerol, toxins and fluids to be absorbed by the lymphatic system.

Q: I see knockoffs on the internet, won’t they work as well?

A: Passion Body Shaping uses a combination of proprietary software and hardware along with the complete system to make your new venture profitable.  You receive customer support, forms, and guidance to make sure every aspect is covered.  If an issue or mechanical problem arises, call us anytime, day, night or the weekends.  We are here to help.

Q: I currently just run a patient treatment type of practice.  How would the Passion Celluloss or Passion Body Shaping fit in?

A: Like any new procedure or therapy in your practice, some dedication and work is needed.  Our marketing program will help drive people to your service.  Existing patients are already a huge database to start with.  Non-surgical cosmetic body shaping is a very highly profitable science and one of the fastest growing therapies in the healthcare field.  Normally, only plastic surgeons have offered these services and having a viable option is very enticing to these clients.

Q: Don’t other devices such as LEDs do the same thing as Passion Body Shaping?

A: LEDs are just that, light emitting diodes, and while bright and shiny to the patient,  have not been proven to give enough penetration deep enough to actually affect the fat cells.  Cheap or knock off  low level lasers often fall into the same treatment realm.  The power is just not strong enough or deep enough to cause cellular reaction  during treatment..  Passion Body Shaping has been proven to target fat cells by special laser power and wavelengths that ONLY target fat cells.  It doesn’t make much sense to pay $75,000 to $100,000 for devices of this sort that may not have enough power to work.  You should also remember, that many LED devices are literally six to ten inches from the patient’s skin.  This distance causes scatter radiation and even reduces cellular absorption even more.