Passion Body Shaping: Growing Your Practice

Many doctors treat 40 – 50 patients per week.  Seeing only 10 patients per week at $125 per office call would gross $1,250 per week, and this is a staff driven procedure.  That equals $65,000 per year with an investment of only $24,995.  This is an incredible return on your investment that few other machines can match.  Realize how much your income would raise at $200 per session with 10 visits per week, that is an extra $104,000 income.  Please realize that you income could be substantially higher or even less.  It depends on your ongoing commitment for success.

There are dozens and dozens of weight loss lasers and LED devices on the market.  Many of them only cost a couple of hundred dollars.  Many of the more highly advertised units can range in price from $39,995 to over $100,000 and use LEDs, saying they are “Laser-Like.” There is no laser-like; they are either lasers or they are not.  If an LED was “like” a laser, it would be a laser.

Don’t pay more for lipo reducing machines that actually offer less. Realize that much of the advertising is “techno babble.” Lasers have more power, more penetration, and a better cellular absorption rate.  Many LED units will discuss wavelength, which is totally true.  However, a wavelength is like a nail.  You cannot drive that nail without power, and that is where lasers shine over LEDs

Many of these units you can find on eBay or similar shopping sites, but be aware.  Probably 99% of these units have no FDA registration or listings at all, and that could lead to a problem.  Many doctors don’t care but you should if you ever have an issue with them regarding your patient.

Few, if any, of these low priced machines have any customer support at all.  Basically, you buy it you own it.  There is really no one or place to call and you’re lucky if you even get a reply from them if you do email them.  Warranty repairs are virtually non existent.  The Passion Body Shaping treatment machine comes with a full one year warranty and we have repair people all over the US to get to your business quickly and get you back up running again.  However, Passion Body Shaping is so well constructed, that breakdowns are an absolute minimum.

Passion – whether it be the Celluloss or Body Shaping – comes with what you need to succeed, personal phone consultation when needed, a complete marketing and advertising section along with radio spots, and the best customer service to be found anywhere.  You can call us anytime at 573-745-1086 day, after work, weekends and even holidays.  Few companies offer that level of customer service.

One thing that needs to be realized.  With Passion Celluloss or Passion Body Shaping, you are entering a new realm of treatment, cosmetic body shaping and weight loss.  Normally, these very lucrative services were only offered by medical doctors, plastic surgeons or spas. Specific cellulite reduction is an extremely profitable business and each office call can be anywhere from $100 to $500.  Passin Body Shaping can demand close to the same fee.  Many doctors will offer a package deal if their client or patient elects for both procedures.  We have found that cellulite reduction or removal responds faster to acoustic wave therapy than to low level laser as the fat and connective tissues are different.  This is why two machines are available.

Also remember that you are using the latest, state of the art equipment, with proprietary DEFINED Rx software and mechanics.  Top of the line equipment demands top prices for your service.