Passion Body Shaping: The Science

First of all, Passion Body Shaping is NOT a gigantic weight-loss procedure or therapy.

It was not designed for very heavy persons or the obese to come in and “melt your fat away.”  Passion Body Shaping’s focus is to help men and women lose areas of stubborn fat, or to reduce a particular area of the body such as the abdomen, hips and buttocks.  These are the areas that seem to stick around forever no matter what method of treatment is used.  Cream, powders and potions will do nothing.  Dieting will help, but you cannot spot diet as weight is lost from the total body.  Trying to target that specific troublesome area by doing sit ups or crunches for example may build some tone, but really doesn’t address the fat cells.  This is where Passion Body Shaping really shines.

It has been shown that nearly 99% of women and nearly 50% of the men surveyed were not happy with their body appearance.  Body shaping and body sculping is the number one, non-surgical procedure as reported by The American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and is expected to continue growing every year.

Most people know about CoolSculping™ or other cryo or freezing methods of fat reduction.  While these methods have proven to be good, there are side effects to be noted, such as bruising, limited treatment areas, and pain following the procedure.

There are now higher powered lasers available that clamp in a special harness and kill the fat cells through heat increase.  This method is relatively comfortable, but again, only certain areas can be treated or addressed.  One big push is using low level laser therapy on pads or a large panel.  The theory is that the low level laser disrupts the fat cell and the fat is drained through the lesion in the fat membrane and absorbed by the lymphatic system.

The problem that has been brought up with this method, is that the low level lasers simply do not have enough power to get deep enough to the fat layer nor has there been any real studies to show that the fat membrane has been compromised to allow the fat to drain out. Secondly, these low level laser panels are often several inches from the skin.  In laser physics, in order for a laser to be efficient, it mush make, or nearly make skin contact.  If not, a phenomenon known as “scatter radiation” occurs, simply meaning, the laser energy is reflected from the skin do to the distance from beam source to skin. Most weight loss through low level laser is water weight loss.

Simply stated, Passion Body Shaping is different.  Passion Body Shaping uses controlled radio frequency waves that only treat the fat cells do to their wavelength.  No other tissues, such as organs, bones or muscle are affected as they require a different frequency to be altered.

Passion Body Shaping is one of the first non-contact, non -restraining method of body sculpturing.  Abdominal, lumbar, and hip fat can be treated without the use of pads, probes or cold therapy.  Treatment takes only 30 minutes.  Since Passion Body Shaping has no patient contact, this significantly reduces the risk of any potential side effects caused by other cold or thermal methods.

Passion Body Shaping uses a selected radio frequency tuning technology.  The impedance of the system is matched with the fat impedance of the human body and the absorption energy results in apoptosis of adipocytes and excretion through the lymphatic system.    Fat tissue has a conductivity of .032909 while muscle has a conductivity of 0.654 and this is the reason muscle and other tissues are not affected by the Passion radio frequency wavelength. The fat cells, by use of controlled radio frequency are actually targeted and destroyed and then absorbed through the lymphatic system.  This is proven technology. The fat cells are raised to around 40 – 45 degrees Celsius.

Passion Body Shaping is not a “get skinny” treatment or procedure.  Passion Body Shaping literally kills targeted fat cells which are then absorbed through the lymphatic system.  Some fat cells will die immediately, while other may take several weeks, but it is an ongoing process. Normally, 4 -6 treatments are needed for maximum results and usually one week apart.  Rarely do these fat cells come back as fat cells do not regenerate.

Passion Body Shaping does not give you a free ticket to eat what you want, as the results from Passion Body Shaping could be reversed do to a horrible diet and eating habits. One other benefit realized is a skin tightening affect cause by the heating of the tissue and increased collagen production.  After the course of treatment and normal nutrition, for example, clients may see up to a four inch reduction in their waste.  This is a huge size difference in size.