Your Questions Answered

Q: How can you compare the Passion Celluloss device with other acoustic wave machines on the market?

A: The Passion Celluloss machine is FDA registered and listed.  It is not only a proprietary treatment device, but also has it’s own proprietary software and emitter device.  This is something very few companies can even come close to.   Plus, the Passion Celluloss is designed for one thing and one thing only, treating cellulite.

Q: Other acoustic wave machines cost quite a bit less.  Why is the Passion Celluloss more expensive?

A: It is easy to build cheap equipment, but not so easy to build quality equipment.  When you add the facts in that nearly everything on the Passion Celluloss is proprietary and not available to other manufacturers, you immediately see the value.  

Q: Can’t I  just use the acoustic wave machine I have now and do the same thing?

A: It is highly doubtful.  There are over a dozen different cellulite and cellulite-related protocols on the Passion Celluloss machine and these are specific for cellulite treatment and the Passion Celluloss device.  We can’t think of another acoustic wave machine on the market that is solely manufactured to treat cellulite only.  If you want to get the results and charge the appropriate fees, you must use the right equipment.

Q: The complete Passion Celluloss system is $14,995 $9,995.  The Passion Celluloss and Passion Body Shaping machines are $24,995  $14,995 for the pair.  Just exactly what else do I need to buy?

A: Your Passion AW Treatment System comes with everything needed, the Passion Celluloss machine, all proprietary hardware and software components, an advanced marketing and advertising package, and phone consultation and training as needed.  No one offers this total package.

Q: Why are the fees so much more than just regular therapy?

A: The Passion AW Treatment System is just that, a full and complete program for your patients.  The practitioner needs to realize that you are now working in cosmetic reshaping, an industry that has been normally the sole practice of plastic surgeons.  The Passion AW Treatment System allows physical therapists, chiropractors, and spas to now offer this fantastic treatment.

Q: How many treatments are needed?

A: This is of course based on the age, weight, and nutritional and exercise habits of the client or patient as well as the number of areas to be treated.  With the speed of the Passion Celluloss machine, it is easy to do two or three areas in a 30 minute session.  The norm is between 8 and 16 total visits.