Effectively remove unwanted body fat.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a physical therapist, chiropractor, spa owner or medical physician, we are always looking at bigger and better ways to help our patients,  as well as add extra income to our practices.  Any new therapy or procedure needs to be seamless and not require an increase in personnel.  It also can’t  cost so much that it is prohibitive to add.
Passion Celluloss addresses one of the biggest complaints that women present with – and that is how to get rid of stubborn pockets of cellulite, which it can do remarkably well.  However, many clients may not only want the ability to loose or reduce cellulite, but would also like to address areas of fat that don’t seem to want to disappear, no matter how much diet or exercise is done.  Many have tried spot reducing or spot exercising, and again, these forms of addressing the problem rarely work to patient satisfaction.
This is where Passion Body Shaping comes into play.  Passion Body Shaping is a non-contact therapeutic procedure that attacks only the fat cells in the area treated.  It is fast, easy, affordable, and produces excellent results.

Knowing the Difference.

Doctors, therapists, and spa owners are always being bombarded with new and different money-making and treatment strategies and equipment.  Some of these are excellent pieces of equipment by legitimate companies.  However, one must know from whom or where they are buying from.  

It goes without saying, that one can find knockoffs, reproductions, and facsimile pieces of equipment on various sources such as eBay.  Many of these pieces are inexpensive and turn out to be just that, cheap imitations with no customer service, no warranty and no support from anyone.  An import piece can be of excellent quality or just basically a boat anchor when it breaks down.

All Passion products are backed by Accuflex Tables & Lasers and offer uncompromised quality and service.  You can contact us anytime, day, night, weekends or holidays; not many companies will or can say that.  Any piece of equipment will do you no good without training, repair service, and the tools you need to keep that piece of equipment operating and making you money.

The Passion Body Shaping machine is manufactured for Accuflex Tables & Lasers and represents state-of-the-art quality in not only the packing of the instrument when shipped to you, but also with marketing materials, consultations, and continued support as you need.  You can buy cheaper, but you can’t buy better.  The Passion Systems are more expensive than the knockoffs, but literally tens of thousands less than other systems.

A great product, great service, and a fair price are what makes both the Passion Celluloss and the Passion Body Shaping systems worth every cent of your investment!

Passion Body Shaping  is not a “do all everything” machine like others brag about.  This is a truly specific treatment machine.  Fat loss is not the same as cellulite reduction.  Both conditions need dedicated treatment protocols.  Cellulite reduction responds much better to acoustic wave therapy, while fat loss is addressed with laser technology.

You may honestly market, sell, and treat the two main cosmetic problems, cellulite and fat loss with treatment machines designed for those sole purposes.  The Passion System allows you to treat multiple patients at the same time which doubles your income potential.  You are entering the cosmetic body shaping industry.  Fees range anywhere from $100 to $500 per 30 minute session

Do not think that so called “laser-like” lipo devices using LEDs are the same as true laser diode equipped machines.  LEDs are much less expensive, have less power, and simply not on the same level as true lasers,

Passion Body Shaping , along with the Passion Celluloss System, is priced less than other so-called weight-loss systems.  You receive two specific machines, not one generic do it all.

Simply stated, why pay $50,000 – $100,000 for only one device that does one thing? The Passion Body Shaping and Passion Celluloss System is the platinum standard.

Some More Passion Body Shaping Facts:

  • Passion Body Shaping offers fast, painless, and result proven treatments.

  • Passion Body Shaping can treat multiple areas at one time.

  • Passion Body Shaping can be staff driven.

  • Passion Body Shaping does specific functions, and that is fat reduction and body shaping.

  • Passion Body Shaping uses the DEFINED RX software that is easy to operate and produces the best results possible.