Passion Celluloss Protocol: Acoustic Wave Therapy

One treatment that has been proven by case study and by clinical results is extracorporeal shockwave therapy or better known as acoustic wave or AW therapy.

Passion AW is done in a doctors or therapists office and significantly reduces and often eliminates cellulite in troublesome areas.

Passion Acoustic Wave Therapy and its special wave emitter delivers a shock wave or vibratory sensations that can be felt and not only penetrate the outer layers of skin, but affect the connective tissue, muscles, and ultimately the cellulite and the toxins involved inside of them. The treatments are done externally with the Passion AW emitter, through a coupling gel and the waves are driven deep into the underlying tissues. Passion Celluloss acoustic wave helps to facilitate the movement of the disrupted fat cells through the lymphatic system.  Hand massage works well also.

The Passion AW Therapy is done with a special emitter that is held and administered by the doctor or therapist. A sterile conductive gel is used over the area of involvement which acts as a coupling agent for the Passion AW Therapy to penetrate and be absorbed to break down the fat cells that cause your cellulite. A full discussion and consultation will always be done first to make sure all concerns, costs, and treatments have been covered and understood.

When treatment starts, the therapist will cover the area in different methods with the Passion AW emitter.  This treatment could be a circular motion or linear.  The main focus is to cover the problematic area fully and with enough power and acoustic wave impulses to start the corrective process.  The Passion AW Protocols are specific for each area of the body.   Every person is different and unique, and the treatment will be administered based on patient needs, areas to be treated and chronicity of the areas involved.  Different treatment heads may be used for different body parts.  Your therapist and doctor will go over this and make sure all concerns are addressed.

Passion AW Therapy is an actual medical procedure and is done and allowed to be done only by licensed health care practitioners.   There is really no actual pain felt during treatment.  However, one may feel a bit of discomfort when the AW is being administered.    This can be compared to some of the sensations felt when lifting weights or exercising and certainly is not too prohibitory to stop treatment.  Some have noted a bit of soreness after treatment which again is compared to the soreness after lifting weights. This soreness is often the caused by the release of toxins and lactic acid.  It almost always passes in a day or so.  The reason this soreness may manifest is that the Passion AW Therapy is penetrating deep into the tissue, unlike creams, rubs, or other devices. It is suggested that ample water be consumed to help flush toxins from the system.

Benefits of Passion Celluloss & Acoustic Wave Therapy

There are several benefits to Passion Acoustic Wave Therapy.

  • First, elasticity is improved in the skin.
  • Secondly, there is stimulation to increase collagen production as well as to impact all underlying and connective tissues.
    Passion AW Therapy is all encompassing and addresses the issues to improve cellulite.

Like weightlifting and exercise, the actual reduction in cellulite is that the Passion AW Therapy causes minute or what is called micro tears in targeted tissues as well as attacking fatty deposits and cells.

This continued cycle of micro tears stimulates the body to increase its production of collagen which actually is part of the healing process. When collagen production is increased it helps to heal injured tissue.

When these tendons and connective matrixes start to heal, they are replaced and or rejuvenated with a stronger framework. This is turn causes smoother skin, a noticeable reduction in cellulite and even at times total elimination.

The treatment modality itself has various benefits as well:

  • Multi areas of concern can be treated
  • The Passion AW Machine is FDA registered
  • Treatment is quick; usually only 30 minutes for multiple body parts
  • Treatment is backed by many clinical tests
  • Proven results
  • Both patient and therapist friendly
  • Dual emitters allow treatment to two different patients or body parts at the same time