Passion Celluloss: Growing Your Practice

Besides wanting to correct cosmetic problems your patients and clients may have, the doctor or therapist also needs to realize a profit, not just a profit, but an excellent profit and return on their investment. The Passion AW Therapy System is designed with built in triggers to not only get people into your clinic for treatment but to grow your overall practice as well.

Based on national price checks, spas and plastic surgeons charge anywhere from $100 to $600 per 30 minute treatment. Of course your locale, economy and what you feel comfortable charging are all factors that come into play. However, also realize that the Passion AW Therapy System is ready to implement from day one. Plus, you have the ability to add optional high tech marketing through our marketing partner to literally supercharge your Passion experience. You will also notice referrals from satisfied clients as well.

In order to obtain absolute correction over several body parts, most clients will need anywhere from 8 – 16 sessions. Most body parts only take about 10 – 20 minutes. This means in a 30 minute package you can treat at least two body parts. It is not suggested to do more than three body parts per session do to the natural rehabilitation of the body system and lymphatic absorption of released toxins.

Charging $100 per session and seeing only 10 patient visits per week will gross $1000 per week, or approximately $52,000 per year. This is nearly three times the price of the complete Passion AW Therapy System. Most doctors and spas will see at least three to four times this amount once moving forward and established and usually charge much more than $100. One needs to remember when setting pricing, that you are offering a very specific and very exclusive treatment procedure. Don’t think for a minute that any generic acoustic wave machine or cheap lipo laser will produce the same results as Passion Celluloss and Passion Body Shaping. These two machines use the proprietary DEFINE Rx software with proprietary designed hardware upgrades.

Another factor what makes the Passion AW Therapy System so inviting is, that this is truly a staff driven venture. Once easily trained, your staff should be able to easily consult with patients, treat, and reschedule. This is not a labor intensive money making system for the doctor. It was designed for maximum ease and convenience while still being affordable.

We invite you to compare and shop around.  You will never find another complete cellulite and body shaping  treatment system as strong the Passion Celluloss and Passion Body Shaping… and for the limited price of $14,995 $9,995 each – or only $24,995 $14,995 for the pair.