Cellulite Treatment Options

Over decades, there have been treatment options to address the cellulite issue.  Some of them help, some can cause a bit of change, and others do nothing.

Some of the options people have tried include disguising the problem, massage, laser, drinking more water, exercise, and a myriad of other methods.  As mentioned, some help, but none mentioned are what could be called a cure.

One of the most visible and obvious attempts is exercise and becoming more hydrated to flush out toxins.  One issue with this is it is very difficult “spot reduce” or “spot target” certain areas of the body.   While exercise is great for the body and general well being, it doesn’t address the deep cellular issue of the problem.  Exercise should always be continued if not just for better health.

There have been dozens and dozens of different creams, rubs, and lotions brought into the market and sold as the answer for cellulite treatment and removal.  However, most creams are not strong enough to penetrate through the outer layer of dermis and attack the fat cells and toxins.  While lotions and rubs may keep the skin hydrated and smoother, they just aren’t the long or short term solution for cellulite.

Just by doing a search, you will see literally a hundred different devices all expounding the virtues of their cellulite treating machines.  Some of these devices are inexpensive and the price goes up as you get into more sophisticated machines.  Don’t believe for one second that a $39.99 or even an $80 device will address and attack your cellulite like Passion.  These small portable devices simply don’t have the power or technology to penetrate deep enough to affect the tissue.  LED’s of different colors, low grade ultrasound that supposedly heats the cells up enough to disrupt the cell membrane simply don’t work in real life applications.